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DepHUB participates at the UNESCO Artificial Intelligence for Information Accessibility (AI4AI) Conference


On 28th September, DepHUB presented a session on "Responsible AI Governance, Structural Inequalities, and Sustainability" at the UNESCO Artificial Intelligence for Information Accessibility (AI4AI) Conference

At the UNESCO Information For All Programme's (IFAP) Artificial Intelligence for Information Accessibility (AI4AI) Conference, on 28th September , the DepHUB's Shamira Ahmed spoke about our ongoing research and primary data collection as part of the GRAIN Network.

Shamira highlighted that beyond other enablers and prerequisites to create value from data for responsible AI (at scale), there are multidimensional structural constraints in Africa and many Global South (GS) countries, such as data deserts, limited access to high-quality machine-readable data, foundation models, sex-disaggregated data, and other digital public goods (DPGs).

Limited access to DPGs hinders the ability of the GS to create localised data innovations suited to our contextual realities, to truly mitigate current and intergenerational socioeconomic and environmental risks associated with AI

Policy coherence and systems thinking is crucial to ensure that beyond open data and other DPG's, other factors such as investments in critical infrastructure, meaningful connectivity, R & D, and human capital, to name a few, are also addressed for a human-centred approach to AI development at different phases of the AI lifecycle, suited for the GS.

Find the session recording and many other sessions from various global AI experts from different disciplines here.

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