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DepHUB joins G*RAIN


The DepHUB is part of the Gender and Responsible Artificial Intelligence Network (G*RAIN).

The Gender and Responsible Artificial Intelligence Network (G*RAIN) brings together organizations, universities, and hubs based in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) who are either already active or interested in becoming active in the field of AI and/or gender inclusion.

Gender is a cross-cutting issue that challenges all of us. G*RAIN will be able to address many of the gaps in AI and gender in SSA. For example, there is little to no disaggregated data on gender in general, and this gap is even more glaring in SSA.

The goal of G*RAIN is to learn, share, defend, and propose solutions to the cross-cutting issues of AI, gender equality, and development in SSA.

As a G*RAIN member, the DepHUB will collect primary data, and carry out research on responsible AI, data governance, gender inclusion, economic development, and sustainable digital transformation in SSA.

Read more about GRAIN here

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