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DepHUB's Shamira Ahmed participates in Workshop on "Pathways to Progress: Solutions for a Sustainable Future"


This workshop brought together global experts and participants to collaboratively explore and provide suggestions and solutions to critical global issues for "Pathways to Progress: Solutions for a Sustainable Future"

Organised by the Florence School of Transnational Governance and building on the outcomes of the last workshop in 2023 in the context of the “World We Share” project The workshop on "Pathways to Progress: Solutions for a Sustainable Future" intended to develop actionable strategies and innovative solutions for the challenges outlined in the UN Summit of the Future 2024. The workshop focused on harnessing its participants' collective expertise and creativity to address key challenges and opportunities identified in the Summit.

The DepHUB's Shamira Ahmed participated in the discussions and highlighted the need for reformed multilateral cooperation and effective multistakeholder partnerships to support a just digital transition that unlocks the value of data and protects against digital harm in the complex dynamic global digital economy, particularly for the most marginalised in society.

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