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D4D Hub’s civil society and academia advisory group (CSAAG) contributes to consultation on the Global Digital Compact


The DepHUB is the inaugural chair of the D4D CSAAG

As groundwork for the Summit of the Future scheduled for September 2024, during which the Global Digital Compact will be finalised, the appointed co-facilitators leading the intergovernmental process have initiated informal consultations with UN Member States, observers, and stakeholders. Notably, in the stakeholder category, the Digital for Development (D4D) Hub civil society and academia advisory group (CSAAG) prepared a contribution aimed at positioning the principles that the D4D Hub stands for.

A consultative body of the D4D Hub, the CSAAG’s primary objective is to ensure that the needs of society for a human-centric digital transformation are addressed by the European Union and its Member States. Since its establishment in 2023, the group shares knowledge and provides input on the D4D Hub's relevant areas of activity. As such, the contribution to the Global Digital Compact consultations reflects members’ continued commitment to an inclusive multi-stakeholder approach.

Below is the contribution prepared by Shamira Ahmed of the Data Economy Policy Hub, chair of the CSAAG, in consultation with the rest of the members. The joint statement can be found here.

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